Review: Peace, magic, mystery, soul and spirit

If I could conjure up a word that combined peace, magic, mystery, soul and spirit, that is what I would use to describe the atmosphere at Bredon Cottage. The welcome persistent rain and mist, far from spoiling the experience, contributed to the feeling of otherworldliness. The pool with the unexpected angel, perfected this eerie charm. You could almost imagine the characters of Tolkien's Hobbit ambling below. The birdsong was music, the raindrops falling from the thatched eaves, down in front of my bedroom window, made me think, visually, of a musical score. Reading in the lounge, hearing the fire crackling was the essence of relaxation and we found ourselves hurrying back, after an outing, just simply looking forward to doing this. Beautifully appointed, the cottage is somewhere to escape to. And we did.

ReviEldon Mason (November 2020)

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